Singingphotons Home Studio

Singingphotons Home Studio Digital Audio Workstations

 Pro Tools HD 3 8.0 Logic Pro 8  Propellerheads Reason 4  Cubase SX 3  Ableton Live

 IO Interfaces IO Interfaces

 Digidesign 192 IO  Digidesign 192 IO  RME Firface 800  M-Audio Profire lightbridge

 EQs Dynamics etc Plugins

BxDigital Mastering Celemony Melodyne Digidesign Plugins Eventide Anthology II Flux Mastering Bundle Izotope Spectron, Ozone, Trash and RX McDSP Plugins Roger Nichols Plugins Sonnox Plugins Soundtoys Plugins URS Plugins Wave Arts Plugins

 Virtual Instruments Virtual Instruments

Digidesign AIR VI Set Camel Audio FXPansion BFD Eastwest SD, RA, Choir SD2 etc NI Komplete Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Stylus and Trilogy Synthogy Ivory Swar Plug

 MIDI Controllers Midi Controllers

Zen drum

 Microphones Microphones

Sputnik Matched Pulsars

 Microphone Pres Mic Pres

Digidesign Pre Chamelon Labs 7602

 Monitors and Monitor Controller Monitors

M-Audio Bx8a's

Clocks Clocks

Digidesign Sync I/O

Post Production apps Post Production

Avid Media Composer, Mojo SDI Apple Final Cut Studio Pinnacle Liquid Apple Shake Softimage XSI Adobe CS3 Production Premium

Outboard Gears Outboard Gear

Kyma Pacarana Virus TI TC Fireworx

 EQs Dynamics etc Sample CDs

Best Service Sample Cds Big Fish audio Eastwest SD, RA, Choir SD2 etc GPO ILIO Q Up Arts Sonic Reality Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Stylus and Trilogy


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